Slide Background
Green Mobility Innovations Ltd (GMI) is a local technology company with its core scope of business on the designing, developing, manufacturing and trading of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, as well as on the development of the peripheral components and accessories including motor and control system, charger and battery management system.
Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To exploit advanced electric drive technologies to expedite the implementation of electric and hybrid vehicles
To contribute to the economic and social development of the region by supplying economical, efficient, reliable and environmentally healthy vehicles for commercial transportation requirements
To provide total customer satisfaction through meeting the expectations of all customers and stakeholders

Our Vision
To be the leading green manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles, providing state-of-the-art technology, skills and services to our customers at best value

Value & Commitment

Our Value
We value the continual improvement to a healthy environment. We are passionate in the sustainable way of technology development and are committed to our customers by taking on challenges on protecting the environment through green mobility innovations.

We are committed to:
Help to save the environment with technology and innovations
Help customers to save costs and add value to both bottom line and the environment
Reduce operational downtime with less maintenance requirement through innovative and simple designs
Exploit renewable energy as much as possible

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Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibility
With our technology, we commit our best efforts to help to reduce carbon emissions and to protect our environment.
We staunchly believe that a healthy environment is fundamental for the well-being and vitality of our customers, our employees, the communities we serve and for the society at large. Products that we develop with cutting-edge technologies and innovations enable our customer and our communities to substantially reduce associated environmental impacts. We concentrate on developments and concepts where our core competences can help realizing specific and measurable improvements. We take it our responsibility, as technologists, finding long-term solutions to global challenges which can be transferred to other parts of the world help achieving a substantial and lasting effect.
We are firmly committed to Sustainability and hold a steadfast belief that sustainable development could only be realized through the germane alignment of business objectives and business practices.
We set our business objectives to improve worldwide sustainable development by exploiting advanced electric drive technologies to expedite the implementation of environmentally healthy vehicles; and ensure that our practices of attaining such business objectives adhere strictly to the best practices as regards to sustainability.  We set ourselves the goal of integrating sustainability throughout the entire value chain and include every sustainability criteria in all decision-making processes with a holistic approach to the entire value chain. Our Environmental Policy stipulates that we commit to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner, instilling environmental values in all employees focusing on sustainable growth. Operational policies and guidelines on Green Procurement, Green Cleaning and Green Waste Management are drawn up to highlight the best practices available in the market and set a clear direction for GMI’s long term development. We are committed to the Carbon Reduction Charter and undertake to carry out activities in support of all green initiatives and greenhouse gas emission reduction.
Our basic principles form the foundation of the company’s long-term alignment. They establish, among other things, that being a good corporate citizen is an integral part of how we define ourselves as a company exploiting advanced technologies to improve the world we live in.

We reckon that reliability is the primary factor of customer’s concerns on high-tech transportation equipment which goes in parallel with the longevity of a successful business. We strive continuously to develop and supply top quality and competitive electric and hybrid vehicles with superior reliability together with quality maintenance services to the commercial sector and the public at large.