HK-Developed Range Extended Hybrid Electric Coach

Reduce fuel consumption by about 40%

used in van portfolio

Reduce emission by over 70%

Coach Specifications
  • First Range Extended Electric coach developed and built in Hong Kong
  • Powered by advanced Siemens ELFA® electric drive system
  • Equipped with Siemens on board generator which recharges battery whenever battery runs low
  • Range is greatly extended through on board generation and regenerative braking.
  • No more down time for recharging nor requires a comprehensive vehicle recharging facility
  • On board generator operates at optimum speed, resulting in lower noise, substantially lower emissions and much better fuel economy
  • Fuel saving up to 40% compared to conventional diesel coach, additional cost of investment can be recovered within 30 months
  • Range extender complies with EURO VI emission standard, reduction of carbon emission up to 70% of diesel counterpart
  • Battery life significantly improved with carefully designed battery operation range and charging strategy
  • Simple mechanical construction reduces maintenance requirement substantially.
  • Gradeability up to 27%, suitable for the most hilly environment.
  • Achieving the win-win target by enhancing cost effectiveness and environment protection, “the more you drive, the more you save”.



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